User Experience Meetup in Washington D.C.

Our mission is to grow the user experience community by hosting events and sharing relevant content for students and professionals to develop skills, build connections, and create opportunities in the UX space.
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Opportunities around user experience in Washington D.C. area

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Meet organizers
James Jean-Claude
Places and Sponsors
Founder and CEO of The Binary Bootcamp. James is a serial entrepreneur who seeks to improve the human condition, and create value for customers and investors.
Christina Dzingala
Communications and Partners
Change agent specializing in transforming brands and organizations for sustainability in the digital age.
Vlad Korobov
Speakers and Content
10+ years of experience with web and mobile development, cofounder of Live Typing, product manager at Trigono game
Michael Asaro
Speakers and Content
User Experience Specialist. I am passionate about designing technology that empowers users with clarity, simplicity, and usability.
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