How to win trust with visual communication

Learn the perfect medium to communicate among cross-functional teams to achieve shared understanding.
The workshop is created for project managers, business analysts, and designers.
April 30, 2019
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Experienced digital solutions consultant
Every digital project you have with a client starts with a kick-off session with the stakeholders. This first meeting is critical to get it right, so you can build:
  1. Trust with your client
  2. Shared understanding of the problem to be solved
According to Harvard Business School Professor Amy Cuddy, your client judges you and your team based on two questions:
  1. Can I trust these people? Can I rely on them to be on my side?
  2. Can I respect these people? Can I rely on them to deliver what I want/need?

Social Psychologist, Bestselling Author
If trust is not established, your project fails
Misunderstanding with a client and within a team.
As a result, your customer won't go back to you.
Scope creep
Ineffective communication leads to an inability to manage scope. Working with client hurts your bottom line, your company lets the customer go...
Unmanaged expectations
As a result, missed deadlines eat up respect and trust. If no communication adjustments are made, the customer leaves, and your reputation is damaged.
For great relationships with your customer, you build trust first and then gain respect later once you show that you deliver on your promises.
Come practice with us
To build creative confidence that you can draw your communication with others even if you can't draw a horse.

Whiteboarding promotes trust and shared understanding quickly and effectively. It's an essential component of great relationships with your team and stakeholders.

Using a medium you de-associate thoughts from the speaker, and you have a greater ability to debate idea/thought since it doesn't feel like you are attacking the idea creator, but analyzing, modifying, expanding, improving the initial idea.
Who should come to this workshop?
Project & Program Managers
Get the right level of clarity faster so you can provide an accurate scope, budget and timeline estimations.

Get the perfect medium, an image understandable for any kind of professionals with different backgrounds.

Communicate effectively among cross-functional teams and get a shared understanding faster.
Business Analysts
No client comes with well prepared requirements and you have to build them together. Engage your customer in a whiteboarding session, so you can speed up your requirements definition and validation. Simple for clients and productive for you: structure will be clear, decisions will be made, action items will be recorded.

Re-purpose your whiteboarding session artifact into meeting notes. The "picture" notes create a durable group memory of the session. This allows each meeting participant to reconstruct the conversation even if it happens months ago.
Deliver design you can be proud of because you solved well-articulated users and business problems. Often designers don't have facilitation skills to get the information they need to do correct decisions about design. Engage your customer in whiteboarding session to articulate problems that design needs to solve.

During the discovery phase your task is to keep a client in a problem space and figure out important answers on hard questions. Experience the power of visual communication to engage your customer in the design process.
How can you build trust?
You actively listen to what your client is saying during first interactions. One proven way of active listening is to whiteboard what the client is saying.

So, the customer sees what you have heard and can adjust the mental picture you are re-creating in your mind.

Use every minute of your first meeting to build trust as fast as you can, so you can use this "trust bank" later when you need to set realistic expectations and manage scope effectively.
Join the workshop to learn a proven technique
During 3-hour guided exercise, you will:
Bulletproof discovery phase
During the workshop, you will analyze what worked and didn't work at the discovery in the past, so you can optimize the next kick-off experience for your customer.
Gain confidence
So you can lead your customer through the discovery process effectively, by clearly articulating and validating business and users requirements via whiteboarding sessions.
Know how
You will have a toolbox of additional visualization techniques, that you can use even when you have no whiteboard at hand, so you can visualize your conversation at any circumstances.
About the workshop facilitator
Co-founder of Lean UX agency
An NNG certified UX practitioner. She spent the last two years evangelizing UX design process at EastBanc Technologies.

As an experienced digital solutions consultant, she saw a need in bringing more design practices into digital product development.

She provides educational UX workshops for digital folks so they can design and build valuable and usable products.
Some of the previous clients that she has worked with
Dual MBA-MPA Candidate | Strategic Planner | Cross-Sector Innovator
Natalie, thank you for so skillfully facilitating our entrepreneurial design session yesterday! Incredibly helpful in unpacking the features of our technology and converging on our product's potential value proposition and customer segments! Definitely put us on solid footing moving forward in the Fed Tech Startup Studio!!
UI/UX Product Designer, Web Designer, Technical Writer
Thanks so much for the workshop yesterday, it was a great chance to get a taste of journey mapping. Natalie and Yuri, you guys are awesome and so generous with your time and expertise.
This workshop created a great space for participants to test out and see the usefulness of different techniques for visual communication. The focus on kick-off session was a good opportunity to practice how to visually create a shared understanding of a problem in the important early stages of an engagement. It was helpful to have context for the four different techniques that were highlighted: Whiteboarding, Affinity Mapping, Lean Canvas, Value Proposition Mapping - and participants got a chance to test drive one of the tools during a role play exercise. Natalie described some of the unique challenges facing new mothers and it was an interesting challenge for each person to capture insights using one of the various techniques. The group debrief was invaluable as Natalie facilitated the conversation to help us understand the strengths, weaknesses, and applications of the different methods. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to practice and observe new ways of visually communicating their understanding of complex issues, something that effective UX practitioners do every day.
Founder and CEO at The Binary Bootcamp
Natalie was amazing as the instructor for this whiteboarding workshop! She is a great communicator and project leader, who brought out the best in the participants.

She taught strategies and techniques to communicate effectively "within" and "as" a group, how to tap into a team's creativity, and process brainstorming ideas into concrete solutions to achieve the best results for a project for a hypothetical client.

I walked away from the workshop with tangible methodologies to incorporate into my daily work. I would recommend her workshops to any friend, family, or colleague.
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At the end of the workshop, you will receive a package that includes:
Kick-off meeting agenda template
Use this template to jump-start your meeting planning, so you are confident you don't forget essential steps for a great kick-off.
Resource list to expand your visual communication techniques
This is the visual communication library that you can use for inspiration to take your white-boarding skills to the next level.
Slide deck used during the workshop
The deck has examples of white-boarding sessions from the past projects so you can analyze it and compare with your work.
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This workshop will benefit anyone involved in digital product design and development: managers, business analysts, designers, and developers.
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