Whiteboarding workshop: design sprint kicking-off

How to drive strategic conversation with effective and simple visualization techniques.
November 15, 2018
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
MakeOffices at Dupont Circle
1200 18th Street NW
Suite #700

About the Workshop

Every discovery and design sprint starts with a kick-off session with the stakeholders.
During kick-off session you build:
  • trust with your client, as well as,
  • shared understanding of the problem to be solved during the design sprint.
    UXDC meetup. Design sprint white-boarding workshop
    Basic visual communication techniques promote trust and shared understanding fast and effectively. It's an essential component of great relationships with your team and stakeholders.

    Unlock your superpower of visual communication. Join us to gain experience in:
    About the Instructor
    Product manager | UX lead | UX researcher
    Experienced digital solutions consultant who worked with various clients from tiny startups to Fortune 50 companies. She designs valuable experiences and manages design and development of digital products.
    Here is how it was
    The weather was not so good but people came and we had a great session.
    We also collected net promoter score and know how improve the workshop:
    - More time,
    - Less techniques,
    - Less all groups discussions,
    - Clearer instructions

    But here is what went very well:
    - Macro-view,
    - Collaboration,
    - Practice,
    - Lean Canvas successful application
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