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Supported by UXPressia – professional customer journey maps, personas, impact maps in minutes.
March 23, 2019,
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
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Cleveland Park Library
3310 Connecticut Ave NW

Schedule and Speakers

12:00 – 12:30
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12:30 – 1:00 PM
UX Design - The Almost Foreseeable Future
Michael Asaro is User Experience Specialist
He has a background in materials science and manufacturing engineering. He switched his career to UX design when he realized that was what he had been looking for all along.
We are standing on the precipice of great change in how society perceives the world. Over the next 10 years, the rise Mixed Reality, the Internet of Things, and Natural Language interfaces will kick off the era of Ambient Computing. I'll start with a quick primer to set the historical stage, and then share some stories to help you imagine what will become possible.
1:05 – 1:35 PM
Social Impact Takes Time and Grit
Natalie Mandriko is a product manager
who coaches entry level UXers to practice research and follow the design process. She is practicing Lean Startup and Lean UX for a digital product incubated inside a non-profit
Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves to make an impact. As one old man said: "People are coming to DC to make an impact or make money, or both."

Two years ago we have set out on a journey of making a social impact through design. Along the way, we have learned a lot about how to:
  • Identify a problem worth solving it;
  • Engage a community early to attract earlyvangelists;
  • Transition from Design Thinking into Lean Startup to validate product-market fit.
1:40 – 2:10 PM
Enabling Leadership across UX, User Research, and Product Management
Christian Bonilla is Founder and CEO at UserMuse
UserMuse is a market research service designed for B2B software companies which was recently acquired by UserTesting
We live in the age of the customer. Multiple surveys show that UX, user research, and product management are all growing areas of investment among companies with any sort of digital presence. For these functions to all thrive together, it's more important than ever to ensure that each has clear responsibilities and lanes of ownership.
3:00 – 3:30 PM
Running (a redesign) with Scissors
Bart Heird is Group Creative Director for WebMechanix.
In his 20 year career, has encountered multiple processes and methods for making websites.
Join Bart as he discusses a little history and the evolution of the "PACE" process, currently being implemented at WebMechanix.
3:35 – 4:05 PM
Learnings from creating a tool for UX folks
Yuri Vedenin Founder & CEO, UXPressia
Yuri is not only an entrepreneur and coach in UX sphere, but also a seasoned business analyst. He applies that combo to help other people and companies to succeed.
Take-aways from developing UX product.

UXPressia is an online platform for managing Customer and User Experience with the help of Customer Journey Maps, Personas and Impact Maps. Used by Deloitte, Phillips, The New York Times, Accenture, Ernst & Young , Capgemini, Dell, Walt Disney Pictures, Red Hat, and Microsoft
4:10 – 4:40 PM
Innovating in Short Form Video:
Crowd-Sourced Content, Kids, and COPPA
Pete Johnson is President & CEO of Apollo Matrix,
a developer of consumer mobile and web products for primarily commercial clients. Apollo develops new mobile and augmented/mixed reality products for clients such as ComScore, ESRB, and Limited Brands.
We will discuss our mobile activations for major hit TV series and a Hollywood startup app being released this Summer. These apps involve the camera, mic, AR and short form video content, and reach a young general audience that includes Under-13's. We will explore new consumer UX, who adopts it, and how to embrace — not fear — privacy laws in order to reach the most innovation-receptive demographic.
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It was at Cleveland Park Library
3310 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008 located near Cleveland Park Station of Red line.

Keep in mind that parking might be time-consuming.
Free Customer Journey Mapping Workshop
We prepare the same workshop in multiple places and days, so you could pick the right one according to your availability convenience
Are you building a new product or service? Are you improving the existing one? In both cases Customer Journey Mapping is a tool that might help you to design better experience for your customers. It visualizes the entire way customers go through interacting with your service, product or brand, and it can help you to see where your service cool and where it's not.
This intense workshop offers participants to immerse into the beauty of Customer Journey Mapping tool. Participants will work in teams and practice the tool itself meanwhile practicing it hands-on along a real life project. Almost all the theory is supposed to be left behind the workshop, so the planned amount of practice is 90%
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