Enterprise UX: Design Your UX Process to Drive Enterprise Improvements

Feb 13, 2020
6:45 pm – 8:30 pm

About the Workshop

Large enterprises, both public and private, are working to become more Agile and User-Centered. It is common, however, for them to have confusion around what these practices should look like and how to best implement them. Hierarchical legacy business processes conflict with less hierarchical modern software design and development processes, making it difficult for Agile UX teams to live up to their potential.

How can an enterprise approach this organizational incongruity? The best approach is to use a User-Centered Design (UCD) mindset to improve its UX Design Process. By tasking designers to design their own design process, they can apply their skills where they have the most leverage - within their own team!

When you articulate your design process effectively, you:

  • Build a shared understanding with your stakeholders about how you work, and
  • Develop an Employee Experience (EX) Design strategy to enable future process improvements across your enterprise

Come to this workshop to learn about designing a UX Design Process that fits your enterprise. You will discuss, visualize, and document several ideas to improve your perspective on what is possible and achievable. At the end of the workshop, you will have actionable insights to share with your coworkers, to make you all more effective and happy at your job.

You will learn how to:
  • Visualize your process
  • Decide on the first step towards improvement
  • Leverage your first improvements into a culture of continuous improvement
I am a UX Designer supporting the Social Security Administration. In addition to my product work, I look for ways to improve the experience of work, for myself and those around me.

I've had previous job experiences as a manufacturing engineer, as a physics teacher for middle schoolers, and as a freelance enterprise designer, where I assist business owners who want to modernize their platforms, processes, and mindsets.

I have an interest in systems thinking, cooperative design, and the Future of Humanity. I help organizations of all types move from an Industrial Mindset to an Informational Mindset.
I am a product manager at WeatherBug with an Enterprise systems background. I started my career as a back-end software engineer and then grew into management: project & product. I have managed enterprise-grade projects for WMATA, NASDAQ, and Kroger.

My favorite concepts are DevOps, User-Centered Design, Lean Startups and Lean Thinking. I want to see more Lean Enterprises doing an awesome job at innovation and operations.

About WeatherBug: WeatherBug keeps you and the people you care about safe and aware by providing personalized environmental intelligence to act and plan ahead.
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