Service design workshop, bodystorming hands-on

February 27, 2019,
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

What Is Service Design?

Service design represents the umbrella discipline for the creation, optimization, and execution of experiences with users and customers. It is not limited to exclusively physical or digital interactions, a single product/service, or customer-facing touch points, but is inclusive of the holistic end-to-end user experience, including the frontstage and backstage actors and partners involved in service delivery. — IQPC

About The Workshop

Bodystorming is a powerful, hands-on method for human-centered design, empowering designers by physically placing them in the context in which their design will be used. When done effectively, bodystorming has the potential to take your design research to the next level by providing deeper insight and understanding into how your audience will use your design in the real world. This workshop takes a hands-on approach to bodystorming. Walk away having experienced immersion in the method, complete with tips for applying the method in your own design practice.
About The Instructors
Design Thinking Strategist, Vice President of Design
Amanda is a human-centered design (HCD) executive who leverages the HCD methodology to foster cultures of innovation across organizations. As the first Vice President of Design at Cognosante, Amanda stood up the company's HCD capability. In this role, she's responsible for managing a portfolio of R&D design solutions, running the company's innovation lab, and scaling the HCD practice both internally as the company's go-to innovation methodology, as well as externally managing the digital and service solutions that address the toughest challenges in healthcare.
Lead Customer Experience Designer at Cognosante
She brings her project management experience to the company's Design Thinking capability, helping to scale human-centered design principles and innovation across the company, both internally and for Cognosante's client-facing project portfolio. Prior to joining the Design team, Kelly drove the development of project management standards and tools while helping to stand-up Cognosante's Performance Center enterprise PMO. Kelly holds an MS of Engineering Management from University of Maryland, Baltimore County and a BS from Loyola University Maryland, in addition to her PMP certification.

Where and how it was?
Cognosante office at 3110 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042 Suite 800 (go to the 7th floor to check in first)
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